Cute Weenie Dog Boy Puppy Names

His true colors will shine with a name like Rusty, Copper, Shadow or Patches.
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You need a name for your dachshund puppy, that lively little sausage-shaped bundle of curiosity and affection. The handle you choose for your doxie pup should reflect his personality and your sense of fun, and as luck would have it, the list of cute names for your playful pooch is as long as he'll be some day.

Popularity Contest

Max and Bailey are among the top 10 popular monikers for pooches these days, according to a Veterinary Pet Insurance survey, as are the names Charlie and Buddy. Classic dachshund favorites include Frank, Oscar and Schnitzel. Popular names inspired by movies, television and books include Nemo, Astro, Stitch, Hamlet and Gatsby.

Fun Food Names

What could could be a cuter or more appropriate name for a weenie dog than one inspired by food? Tasty tags include Pumpkin, Pickles, Tater, Deli and Pretzel, while Brownie, Jelly Bean and Hershey are sweet names too.