Daily Average Amount of Water a Dog Should Drink

A portable pet dish is a good way to keep your pooch hydrated on an excursion.
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It’s easy enough to ensure your pup eats enough, visits his vet and gets his shots on time, but it can be hard to ensure he’s getting enough water. Water is essential for your dog’s health. Factors like his size, age and activity level determine how much water he needs daily.

Daily Water Requirement

Your dog requires one-half to 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight every day. If he’s just a puppy, he’ll need at least a half cup of water every two hours. If your dog spends time outside, especially in the heat, he should always have access to cool water to keep hydrated. Keep a water bottle handy whenever you take him for a walk. If your pup is on a dry-food-only diet, he’ll need more water than if he eats wet food.


There are some signs to look out for if your dog isn’t getting enough water. His gums will become pale and sticky. His normally wet nose will dry up, and his eyes will look sunken. If you’re worried he may be dehydrated, pinch some of his loose skin between your fingers. If he’s properly hydrated, the skin should snap back into place when you release it. If he needs water, the skin you pinched will slowly return to its normal position.