Daily Grooming for an English Bulldog

A pet shampoo with a pH level appropriate for dogs should be used for washing.
Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images

An English bulldog requires a number of daily procedure to keep it clean and healthy. While you can generally do these with commonly used items like cotton swabs and washcloths, it is possible to buy particular products for this purpose. Bulldogs need to be washed and brushed, and certain body parts, like the face and ears, must be cleaned separately.


An English bulldog should be brushed at least three times per week, especially when the dog is shedding its hair in the spring and summer. Do the brushing with a soft bristle or rubber brush, first against the grain of the hair and then with the grain.


Although a bath doesn't have to be a daily procedure, it is good to wash your bulldog often. Block the dog's ears with cotton balls before the bath and apply drops of mineral oil to its eyes. Then wash the dog with water and mild soap, or with a pH-balanced pet shampoo. Lather everywhere, including between the toes and under the tail and genitals. Rinse the soap off well and dry the dog with a towel.

Ear Care

English bulldogs have sensitive ears that need to be carefully cleaned to avoid damaging them. You can do this with a warm washcloth, cotton ball or, if done very carefully, a cotton swab. It is also possible to buy a solution from a veterinarian made specifically to clean the dog's ears.

Face Care

English bulldogs have wrinkly faces; they require special cleaning that, in some cases, has to be done daily. The older the dog becomes, the more wrinkles it has. Rub the dog's wrinkles with petroleum jelly to keep the skin soft. Clean them with a wet cloth or baby wipes and then dry them well. The nose wrinkle is particularly important, and may require the application of diaparene ointment, a form of zinc oxide.