Are Dandelion Roots Dangerous to Dogs?

This field of dandelions could provide many health benefits for your dog.
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Dogs will try to eat anything, including plants. While many plants and flowers, such as tulips and aloe, are toxic to dogs, dandelions and their roots are not only non-toxic but may provide some health benefits, too. Dandelions have been used by humans for thousands of years to improve their health, and many of those same benefits can also be obtained by our canine companions.

Potential Benefits

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, dandelions can help. By chewing on dandelion leaves before eating, his metabolic system should work more efficiently so he has less gastrointestinal distress. Dandelion roots, specifically, can act as diuretics to cleanse the system and keep the kidneys and liver functioning properly. Plus, unlike prescription diuretics which can cause dangerous potassium deficiencies, dandelions contain sufficient amounts of potassium to prevent this problem.

Caution Regarding Fresh Dandelions

While dandelions are non-toxic to dogs, fresh dandelions can sometimes be contaminated with herbicides and pesticides that are dangerous for your pet to consume. If you are collecting fresh dandelions or their roots, only go to areas that are free from chemical treatments.