Decorative Steps for a Dog Bed

Get your dog out of your bed and into a bed of his own.
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If you want your dog out of your bed, start by giving him a bed of his own. It doesn't have to stand out like the proverbial elephant in the room; you can fit it into your current decor as if you designed the room around the bed and according to your pet's preference.


Before you buy or make a dog bed, think about your pet. How big is he? Does he have health problems that would make an elevated bed hard for him to access? You should consider whether he is an only pet or just one of several pets, and whether your pets like to sleep together or separately. If your dog is an introvert, he may prefer more privacy than a puppy who is most happy in your lap. Consider the traffic flow through your home, and make sure the bed's location is safe from drafts and accidents.


Think inside the box and create a den for your dog that is close enough to the center of the action that he won't feel left out but is private enough that he can relax for some alone time. You can turn the bottom shelf of an entertainment unit or a coffee table into a hideaway. In the bedroom, A canopy bed experience is easily achieved in one corner of the room with a raised dog bed and a children's hanging canopy that attaches from the ceiling.


When you buy fabric to upholster the couch or make custom drapes, buy extra fabric. You can sew the fabric into a simple pillowcase that will match your decor and that you can wash as needed. Stuff the case with foam or pillows that you can purchase from a hobby store. Make sure your custom bed is big enough for your pet to stretch out but not so big that he looks like a pea lost in a world of giants.

Safety and Comfort

Your dog's safety and comfort are your top concerns. Avoid bedding that has loose buttons or knickknacks attached; they're not only choking hazards but they're potentially uncomfortable to sleep on. Consider instead jazzing up the dog bed with machine embroidery, rip-roaring fun colors or luxurious but sturdy fabrics that complement your dog's natural beauty. Remember that the softer the bed, the more likely it is to hold odors and the more heat it will retain. You may want to switch out a fluffy winter bed for a thinner but cooler bed during the summer.