Dectomax in Dogs

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Doramectin, marketed under the brand name Dectomax, is an injectable solution used to deworm livestock. However, this drug shows promise as a treatment for dogs suffering from severe demodicosis, or demodetic mange. Most healthy dogs have a few demodetic mange mites on their bodies, with no ill effects. Dogs with compromised immune systems or a hereditary predisposition to demodetic mange might experience hair loss and skin infections.

Dectomax Injections

Many dogs diagnosed with demodetic manage do well on monthly heartworm medications containing ivermectin. For badly affected dogs, this type of dewormer might not be sufficient. Your vet can give your dog weekly Dectomax shots to control the condition, but this is a strong medication. The manufacturer, Zoetis, warns that using Dectomax in dogs "may result in fatalities." Consider Dectomax only if other treatments for this frustrating skin condition fail. Dogs sensitive to ivermectin, such as some collies and Shetland sheepdogs, should not receive this drug.


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