When Did Uga the Bulldog Die?

All he needs is a red jersey and he'll be a Georgia bulldog.
Ysbrand Cosijn/iStock/Getty Images

Fans of the University of Georgia know Uga is the school's mascot, a strapping, pure white English bulldog. The University's tradition began in 1956 with a handsome dog formally known as "Hoods Ole Dan" serving as Uga I. The current Uga, Uga IX, began his reign when Uga VIII, or "Big Bad Bruce," died on Feb. 4, 2011.

Uga Through the Years

Georgia fans are serious about their football and their mascot, Uga. He's no ordinary white English bulldog, but sports a spiked collar and red jersey, custom made for his frame at the start of each football season. He may stroll the sidelines or relax in his air-conditioned doghouse to watch the game in comfort and style. To date, there have been nine Ugas, as well as substitutes. Uga IV expanded his horizons, attending bowl games and accompanying Herschel Walker to the Heisman Trophy Banquet in New York in 1982. Uga VI is the mascot with the most wins to his credit, overseeing 114 games for a record of 87-27. The current Uga, Uga IX, assumed the title after substituting for Uga VIII. He's formally known as "Russ," and carries a record of 34-16. When his time comes, Uga IX will join his predecessors in the marble vaults near main gates of the University's stadium.