Diet for Newfoundland Puppies

As with any new puppy, a Newfoundland needs proper feeding to get a good start in life. However, due to the size of the breed, without the proper food and nutrition, a Newfoundland may not develop correctly. As a responsible owner, it is up to you to ensure the food you choose meets the needs of large breed puppies with lower metabolic rates than small breeds.

Step 1

Buy a high-quality puppy food for large breeds that has meat, such as fish, chicken or beef, as the main ingredient. Protein content for Newfoundland puppy food should be between 22 and 24 percent with a fat content between 12 and 15 percent. Feeding a Newfoundland puppy food without enough protein may cause health issues, such as stunted growth. Make sure the brand you choose does not contain fillers, such as corn or cereal.

Step 2

Measure out two cups of puppy food. Although your Newfoundland may not eat the entire two cups at first, offer it to him and let him eat until he is full.

Step 3

Feed your Newfoundland twice a day to help prevent tummy upset common in the breed. Once in the morning and once in the evening is ideal since his metabolism is slow. A 40-pound bag of food should last between four and six weeks, according to the Newfoundland Club of America website.

Step 4

Judge your puppy’s weight by putting your hands around his waist. You should feel his ribs without pressing hard even through the thick coat of the Newfoundland puppy. Also, his waist should be visible when you look down at him. If his diet needs adjusting, offer him less or more each feeding but keep the same regimen.


  • Contact your veterinarian as soon as you get your puppy and have him evaluated. Make sure he is up-to-date on his vaccinations.


  • Don’t leave the puppy food available all day. Let your Newfoundland eat until he is full, then remove his bowl. Keep fresh water available for him at all times.

Items You Will Need

  • High-quality puppy food for large breeds
  • Measuring cup