What is the Difference in Razor Edge & Bully Pit Bulls?

The American pit bull terrier can be categorized into different breed styles.
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As with many dog breeds, the American pit bull terrier doesn't have to conform to exactly one style. The bully style of American pit bulls is a compact, muscular dog that stands around 20 inches at the withers. A variation in the breed, defined by a specific breeder as the Razor Edge pit bull, has since become its own bloodline and is now distinguishable from the typical American pit bull terriers by certain characteristics.

American Bully Varieties

The American bully pit bull is classified into three varieties: pocket, standard and XL. Pocket pit bulls are shorter and have a less graceful stride than their taller relatives; they do not exceed 17 inches in height at the withers. Standard bully pit bulls are between 17 and and 20 inches in height. The XL variety of bully is taller than 20 inches at the withers and has a longer neck, back and legs than his shorter relatives.

What is a Razor Edge Pit Bull?

In the 1980s, a Virginian pit bull breeder named Dave Wilson ran a kennel called Razor's Edge. He was interested in breeding a stockier type of pit bull with a stronger chest and shorter snout. Wilson was also fond of the gray color found in many pit bulls. In order to bring out these qualities, Wilson bred dogs selected from various breeders. The Razor Edge pit bull has existed as a type of bully pit bull for approximately 10 years, as it fits within the height and conformation qualifications for a bully pit bull.

Pit Bull Personalities

Despite the tough connotation that may come with the name, these pit bulls are actually known for their quiet demeanor and were bred as companion dogs. While negative stereotypes have often described pit bulls as fighting dogs, they are naturally affectionate and were only turned into fighters in certain communities because of their strength, intelligence and athleticism. Whether you own a regular bully pit bull or a Razor Edge dog, you can be certain your dog will enjoy spending a lot of time with his human family and be very responsive to obedience training.

Pit Bulls at Home

Whether you are looking for a Razor Edge pit bull or another version of the bully, keep certain things in mind when selecting your dog. If you're searching for a family dog, be sure you do not purchase your pit bull from a breeder who may have selectively chosen fighting bloodlines, as dogs with such bloodlines were bred from individuals selected because of aggressive behavior. Although the original breed was not bred to be aggressive, dogs, like any other animal, can individually harbor aggressive personalities. If you bring your pit bull home as a puppy, allowing him to socialize at a young age with other dogs and all human members of your family can help stave off any aggressive tendencies.