Different Kinds of Raw Dog Foods

Raw dog food can be fresh, frozen or dehydrated.
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Though the American Veterinary Medical Association does not endorse feeding dogs raw food containing animal protein sources, many people are embracing raw diets for their pets. There's no scientific evidence of the value of the raw diet, but advocates report improved skin, coat, energy level and dental health.

What's Inside

Raw diets can vary widely in the ingredients used, depending on who's doing the cooking. However, there's still some basic ingredients you'll find in just about every kind of raw dog food, even if you cook for your pup yourself. Raw dog food typically contains muscle and organ meats, raw eggs, bones, fruits, vegetables and some dairy. The meat used depends on the brand and variety of food; it may include turkey, duck, beef, chicken, quail, lamb and a variety of fish. The by products in the food tend to be listed specifically, such as "duck neck" or "beef heart," so you know exactly what your pup will be eating and won't have to worry about "mystery meat" making its way into your pup's food dish.

Availability & Administration

As more people have switched their dogs to raw diets, they've formed a market that has resulted in the availability of more convenient forms. If you want fresh raw food, you can make your own or find it in some pet supply stores; it's vital to follow serving and storage instructions so your pooch doesn't get a food-borne illness, such as salmonella. If you don't want to worry about multiple trips to the pet store during the week, frozen and dehydrated raw foods are also available in pet supply stores.