What Are the Different Types of Shedding Tools for Dogs?

Help control the shedding with regular grooming.
John Howard/Lifesize/Getty Images

You may feel you're fighting an uphill battle when you try to control those tufts of dog hair that pile up in corners and taunt you from the couch. Some dogs shed more than others, but all dogs need a good brushing now and again to remove old hair and keep their coats shiny.


Brushes and combs are affordable tools, and often the easiest to use. A variety of brushes can help you, such as pin brushes for dogs with longer hair and basic bristle brushes for dogs with shorter hair. Wide-toothed combs offer gentle hair removal for sensitive dogs.

Grooming While You Pet

Some dogs love to be brushed, while others suffer through it with impatient squirming. If your pup is in the latter category, a grooming glove can help. These are typically covered in rubber on one side, often with grooves or nodules that help catch the loose hair as you slide your hand over your canine companion. The rubber side can give him a gentle hair-removing massage in the bath as well. Some grooming gloves also feature a velvety surface that can help remove hair from your couch or clothes.

Electric Options

If you're serious about shedding control, get out the big guns: electric clippers and blowers. Trimming your dog's hair with clippers helps remove loose hairs and cut down on the amount of hair he has to shed. However, your pup might get cold in the winter without his fur coat. Go for a de-shedding clipper in cooler weather: this looks like a regular clipper with a long guard on the tip. It helps thin the undercoat and pull out loose hair without taking any actual length off the hair. Another option is a high-velocity pet dryer, which blows warm air over your pooch to remove loose hair. Use this outside to keep the hair out of your house. Handheld versions are available, as well as those designed to connect to a crate.

Other Shedding Helpers

Giving your dog a bath with a conditioning shampoo helps remove loose hair, especially if you scrub his fur vigorously. The more often you bathe him, the less he's likely to shed in your house. Add a spray-on, leave-in conditioner to your grooming regimen as well. Spritzing it on before you brush your pet helps soften the top layer of fur so the brush can penetrate the undercoat better.