Directions on How to Assemble a PetSafe Box Chain Link Dog Run

Dogs enjoy spending time outside and benefit from the exercise.
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A PetSafe box chain link dog run is a great way to restrain your dog, allowing him the freedom to be outside, off leash, without your having to fence in your entire backyard. The PetSafe dog run comes in a variety of sizes, so you will need to purchase one according to the size of your dog and how much room you want to give him to move around. PetSafe reports that the assembly is simple and only requires basic hand tools. However, if it is a large kennel, you will need another person to help you.

Decide where you want to place your dog run. Since the PetSafe dog runs are rectangular, you will have to determine where you have the most width in your yard. You will also have to keep in mind the position of the gate for easy access.

Remove all the items from the product box. Lay out the bottom frame of the dog run. The pipes for the bottom frame have a slip fit design because they are intended to slide into each other. Assemble the bottom frame.

Lay the vertical upright poles out on the ground at each corner, and for the longer dog runs, at the center of each wall. Make sure to keep one of the vertical poles about 22 inches from a corner. This will act as the frame for the gate.

Secure clamps to the bottom of each vertical pole, attaching them to the bottom frame. Do not secure them too tightly, as you will need to be able to stand the vertical poles upright.

Raise the corner vertical pole and the pole for the gate frame, standing them straight up. Attach the corresponding top corner frame to these poles using the clamps. Securely tighten the clamps on the top and bottom frames of these two poles.

Work your way around the dog run, attaching the top frame pieces and securing the vertical poles to the top frame with the clamps. Be sure to completely tighten the clamps with your socket wrench at the top and bottom of each vertical pole to the frames until the entire dog run frame is complete.

Roll out the chain link fencing on an open area of grass to inspect for any kinks. Rethread any links that may be kinked using the pliers, and roll the chain link fence back up. Slide the tension rod through the links along the edge of the chain link fencing.

Stand the rolled chain link fence on end, aligning the tension rod on the right side of the gate pole. Take care to align the fence so that it will roll outward. Attach the tension rod to the gate poll using the “c” clamps provided.

Roll the chain link fence out around the entire perimeter of the dog run frame until you reach the left side of the gate frame. Make sure you pull the chain fence tight against the vertical poles to ensure there are no loose areas your dog may be able to escape through.

Measure 4 inches from the left side of the gate frame and remove the excess threading from the chain link fence. Slide a tension rod through the links on the end of the fence, and attach it to the gate frame using the “c” clamps provided.

Secure the fence to the frame by tying every fifth link along the top of the fence, and every third link along the bottom of the fence, to the frame using the provided wire ties. Use the three wire ties along each vertical pole as well, at the top, middle and bottom.

Attach the gate door. Use the gate brackets provided, attaching the female ends to the top and bottom of the left side of the gate door. Attach the bottom male hinge to the gate frame on the dog run, taking care to face the hinge up. Set the door in place by sliding the female bracket onto the bottom hinge. Insert the top hinge face down into the female bracket at the top of the door and secure. Check the hinges, making sure the door swings freely.

Install the lock. Be sure to attach the latch to the gate door and not to the dog run frame. Go over all the brackets and clamps and make sure each is tightened securely.

Items You Will Need

  • 1/2 inch socket wrench
  • Pliers