Directions for Braided Fleece Dog Toy

"I wouldn't shred the T.P. if you'd braid a toy for me!"
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Some pooches like to fetch, some like to play tug-of-war and some enjoy rousing rounds of both. Whichever category Max falls into, he doesn't need high-end, fashionable toys to play his favorite games. He'll have a blast chasing, fetching and tugging a toy you craft with your own two hands. Don't worry about the time involved. You can create a simple but fun dog toy by braiding strips of polar fleece together. The material is reasonably durable on its own, but braiding three or more strips together makes it extra-tough, plus you can launder it whenever it gets grungy.

Step 1

Cut the polar fleece into 1-inch-by-30-inch strips using the scissors and the tape measure. You'll need three strips to make one toy. Double up and use six strips to make a more durable toy for larger dogs or ones who are chewers.

Step 2

Gather the strips together and match the ends up so that they're even.

Step 3

Tie a knot in one end to fasten all three strips together.

Step 4

Braid the loose ends: place the piece on the right between the middle piece and left-hand piece, making it the new middle piece. Then make the piece on the left the new middle piece by placing it in between the middle piece and the right-hand piece. Continue alternating moving the right piece and left piece, working all the way to the end of the material.

Step 5

Tie a knot at the bottom of the toy to secure the braid and keep it from unraveling.


  • Use two or three different colors and/or patterns of fleece in one toy to make it more colorful and visible.

  • The fleece strips can be cut any length you want to make a smaller or larger toy.

  • If you find it difficult to braid your toy, grasp the knotted end between your knees to hold it in place.

  • Get creative with the shape of your dog toys. Start the braid in the middle section of the strips, then fold them in half to create a loop. Tie a knot to secure the loop and finish braiding the loose ends, knotting them when you reach the end of the material. This technique creates a toy that Max can get a good grip on for a "serious" game of tug.

Items You Will Need

  • Polar fleece
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure