Directions for a GMI Keepsafe 108-Inch Expansion Gate

GMI creates sturdy products for the safety of pets and children. Expansion gates attach permanently on one end and stretch to the other end of an opening to restrict pets and children from leaving the area. The gate latches on the opening side to allow adults to open and close it as needed. The Keepsafe 108-inch gate fills a larger opening than most expansion gates, so it is particularly useful in an open floor plan home. This type of safety gate keeps pets and kids from obtaining access to dangerous rooms in a home and being injured.

Step 1

Place the gate in the opening that you want to restrict. Open the gate fully to fill the opening, and swivel the floor gripper down in the gate center to rest on the floor.

Step 2

Place a level on top of the gate. Move the sides of the gate up or down to achieve a horizontal level. For example, if the bubble in the level is on the left side of the center, move the right side of the gate up.

Step 3

Slip the bottom wall bracket on the bottom gate corner on the metal pin on the non-opening side. Hold the bracket with the flat side flush to the wall. The bracket forms an "L" shape facing down, touching the wall and the bottom of the gate. Mark the two screw holes with a carpenter's pencil. Pull the gate and the bracket away. Drill pilot holes with a 5/64-inch drill bit. Replace the bracket on the wall, insert the two screws and turn them clockwise to tighten. Set the gate bottom on the bracket.

Step 4

Slide the top wall bracket on the same side of the gate on it to form an "L" shape. Trace the two holes with a carpenter's pencil, drill pilot holes and place the gate in the bracket before inserting the two screws and tightening them.

Step 5

Extend the opening side of the gate to the opposite opening. Mark the location of the latch on the wall at the top of the gate opening side with a carpenter's pencil. Mount the eye screw to the wall with a screw.

Step 6

Place the safety latch on the gate into the eye screw, and press down to secure the gate.

Step 7

Mark the location on the bottom of the safety latch to place the bottom eye screw and hold the coupler. Attach the bottom eye screw through the coupler.


  • Check the gate operation after installation, and adjust the bottom eye screw inward or outward to enable the gate to lock and unlock easily.

  • Keepsafe gates include the hardware and fasteners with the purchase of the gate.

Items You Will Need

  • Level
  • Carpenter's pencil
  • Drill
  • 5/64-inch drill bit
  • Screwdriver bit