Directions for Revolution Animal Medicine

A monthly Revolution application protects your best buddy from various pests.
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Available only by prescription from your veterinarian, Revolution protects your dog from various parasites. A once-a-month application of this topical medication prevents fleas, ticks and ear mites from infesting your pet. Unlike over-the-counter topical flea and tick products, Revolution also prevents heartworm disease. If your dog is on Revolution for heartworm control, you might need to apply it year-round. Your vet will advise you on the application schedule for your region.

Applying Revolution

Hold the Revolution tube upright. Press down on the cap. When you hear a click, that means the cap punctured the tube's seal. Take the cap off. Separate your dog's hair on the back of his neck by his shoulder blades until his skin shows. Put the tube against his skin, squeezing a few times to empty it. It's important to place the medication in that particular spot because he can't lick it off that site. Place the sticker contained in the Revolution package on your calendar to remind you to repeat the process in 30 days.