DIY Dog Feeder

by Chloe Newkirk

Dogs with long legs and tall frames will benefit from an elevated feeder.

Pet bowls are readily available at any pet store. Yet placing bowls on the ground will cause problems for larger dogs. Breeds that have to stoop too low to reach food bowls will swallow too much air while eating, and suffer digestion problems as a result. An elevated dog feeder is a perfect solution, and if you make it yourself, you can build it to match your dog's height. In fact, even small dogs might enjoy a chance to eat at their very own customized dog table.

Step 1

Measure your dog. From his paws to his mouth, determine what height would be comfortable for him to reach his food.

Step 2

Choose your platform. Depending on the height and size of bowls you will need to accommodate, a wooden footstool or crate will make a perfect base for your feeder. If needed, cut or sand the base to make your feeder the right height.

Step 3

Turn bowls upside down and measure circumference of the outer edge of the bowl where the bowl meets the lip. Do not measure the lip of the bowl, as the lip will need to rest on the surface of the feeder.

Step 4

Create circular paper templates from your food bowl measurements.

Step 5

Place templates on the top of your footstool or crate, and trace around the outer edge with a pencil. If creating a feeder for both food and water bowls, place bowls side-by-side.

Step 6

Drill a large hole in the center of the circles. This is where you will start your jigsaw cut.

Step 7

Use a jigsaw to cut out the circle(s) entirely.

Step 8

Sand the edges of your hole(s).

Step 9

Paint the feeder with colors and patterns of your choice. Use adhesive shelf paper to cover the top of the feeder, leaving the holes open, for a decorative look. Stencil the pet's name on the surface for a personalized feeder.

Step 10

Place food bowl into the hole, and push to secure in place.

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