DIY: Dog Leash

Using a leash will teach your dog to behave and walk close to his owner. Images

A dog's leash is one of the most important accessories he has. It keeps him close to his owner and provides a way to help train him. Making one at home is a good way to ensure that one leash can be used for multiple purposes and meets all your needs.

Making a Dog Leash

Step 1

Decide on the length of the leash. A longer one gives a dog more room to explore, and a shorter leash is better for training purposes.

Measure your rope to double the length necessary, plus an extra 12 inches. The extra will be necessary to create the hand loop. Cut the chain to exactly half the length of the rope with the bolt cutter.

Step 2

Attach the chain to the bolt snap hook using the pliers, and securely close the link. Fold the rope in half, and attach it to the bolt snap hook as well. This is done by passing the loose ends through the loop over the snap hook's opening in a slipknot. Pull the rope tight, ensuring that both ends remain at equal lengths.

Step 3

Insert the ends of the rope into the chain's first link from the bottom. Pull them upward, and insert into the second link from the top. Continue this over/under motion the entire length of the chain, keeping both ends of rope together, even and taut.

Tie off the rope on the last link, knotting it multiple times for added hold.

Step 4

Open the last link slightly and count backwards down the chain until there are enough links to form a loop around the wrist and hand. This will become the leash handle. Attach the open link to the chosen one, then close it securely.

If you are left with excess rope, knot it to this link as well, and then cut the ends.


  • Do not wrap the leash around an arm or fingers, especially one that includes chain.

  • Check the bolt snap hook often to ensure that it is sturdy and functional.


  • Different colors of rope can be used, as can other materials such as leather or fabric.

  • To make a leash without chain, repeat the steps above but use a rope clamp or plastic shrink tubing to secure the loop.

Items You Will Need

  • Bolt snap hook (medium or large)
  • Nylon rope
  • Stainless steel chain (1- to 1.5-inch links)
  • Bolt cutter
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Rope clamp (optional)
  • Plastic shrink tubing