Do I Need a License to Breed Dogs in Florida?

Some hobby breeders must register with their county in Florida.
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The types of licenses and permits required for breeding dogs in the state of Florida vary by the size of the planned breeding operation. Commercial breeders are large operations which supply animals to pet stores, brokers and research facilities. Hobby breeders generally house and breed dogs from their homes or kennels adjoining a private residence.

Federal Regulations

The federal Animal Welfare Act and the Department of Agriculture regulate and license commercial breeders and pet dealers in the United States. Commercial breeders must obtain a commercial breeder's license and undergo inspection before commencing business. Items such as water supply, food storage, shade, ventilation, enclosures, shelter and cleanliness are checked and periodically inspected.

Florida Regulations

Besides the federal guidelines, the state of Florida has laws that regulate health issues and vaccinations of animals sold by commercial breeders and pet dealers. Breeders must provide veterinary care and health certificates for all puppies sold to the public; they must undergo periodic inspections to keep their licenses.

Hobby Breeders

Hobby breeders generally deal in about two litters a year and are exempt from licensing. Some counties in Florida--such as Miami-Dade county--require hobby breeders to register one time. They are not inspected, unless there is a complaint made against them.