Do Doberman Pinschers Shed a Lot?

Doberman Pinschers thrive best with vigorous, active lifestyles.
Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Powerful and athletic yet sleek and elegant, the Doberman pinscher has more than earned his reputation as a highly effective guard and protection dog. Placed in an appropriate home with the firm but benevolent guidance of an experienced owner, this canine also serves well as loving, loyal companion. In keeping with other short-haired canines, the Dobie doesn't require excessive grooming. But he does shed moderately year round and needs regular brushing.

Dobie Coat Specs

The American Kennel Club calls for a smooth, thick, close-lying coat with short, hard hairs in the Doberman. Some individuals feature a soft undercoat on the neck, which is permissible by breed standard.

Lend Me Your Comb

Unless you want dog hairs covering your furniture and clothing -- and maybe even swimming in your coffee cup -- you'll have to brush your Doberman about twice weekly. The more dog hair the brush snags, the less there will be on everything else. Gently stroke in the direction the hair lies with a moderately stiff brush. Get all the way down to the skin to pull out dead hair and dandruff. A brushing of 10 minutes or so stimulates good blood circulation, keeping the skin healthy and the coat shiny. Keep a metal comb on hand should your Dobie present you with an occasional mat.