Why Does My Dog Act Crazy After a Bath?

Letting your dog outdoors before she's fully dry could lead to a another bath.
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Post-bath time seems to bring out the inner puppy in most dogs, regardless of age or disposition. It's fun to watch as your pooch dashes about, rolling and snorting, pausing occasionally for a good shake. This playful -- seemingly celebratory -- behavior is likely your pup's contribution to the grooming process; an instinctive effort to both dry and "re-scent" himself after all that soap and water.

Bath Time Tips

Be prepared for your dog to go a little crazy after a bath. In anticipation of the frenzied antics, romping and rolling, towel-dry his fur thoroughly before turning him loose. It's normal for dogs fresh from the tub to rub themselves on floors and furniture. Put down a few extra towels he can roll on, and limit his access to rooms you may not want sprayed as he shakes off the last sudsy remnants of his encounter with the tub. It's common for dogs to roll in the dirt to re-scent themselves, so it's best to keep your pup indoors until he's fully dry.