Dog Agility: What Is a Blind Cross?

Blind crosses can help your dog focus on his obstacles.
Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images

In canine agility, handlers lead dogs through series of obstacles in timed competition. Among obstacles are poles that dogs weave through or jump over, tunnels, ramps and more. As the handler and dog maneuver a course, there are times when you'll have to switch sides. When you do, you perform a move called a cross, either a front cross or a blind cross.

The Blind Cross

During a front cross, your turn toward your dog as he crosses, so that you do not break your line of sight. In a blind cross, however, you turn away from your dog, breaking the line of sight momentarily. This may help your dog focus on the obstacles instead of you, maintaining better speed and concentration. Performing the blind cross also makes it easier for you to guide your dog through the course without losing sight of what's in front of you.