Which Dog Breed Has the Longest Canine Lashes?

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Dogs, like people, have eyelashes to protect their eyes from tiny particles of debris. The longer eyelashes that some long-hair breeds sport also serves another purpose -- to hold those furry bangs out of the eyes. Of these dogs, the long-haired Lhasa apso, according to Guinness World Records, is the world record holder for the longest eyelashes on a dog.

Prince Albert

As of November 2004, the Guinness World Record holder for longest eyelashes on a dog, Lhasa apso Prince Albert of Saskatchewan, Canada, was batting lashes that measured up to 5 inches in length.

Unusual Dog Eylashes

Unlike humans, dog eyelashes grow only on the upper lid. Some breeds, however, especially those with long hair, are susceptible to medical conditions like distichiasis, a condition that causes abnormal eyelash growth. These extra lashes can grow as single hairs or extra rows of lashes; they have been known to grow on the lower eyelids.


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