Is Dog Bronchitis Contagious to People?

Your pup's cough isn't contagious to you.
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You and Buddy share space, good times and maybe even an occasional snack, but one thing you don't want to share is illness. A disease passed from animals to humans is a zoonotic illness. There are several illnesses you can pick up from Buddy, but bronchitis isn't one of them.

Bronchitis in Dogs

That's not a goose in your living room, it's Buddy coughing. He may wake you with that hacking noise, or cough when he gets excited or takes his afternoon walk. If his cough is from chronic bronchitis, it's likely a noninfectious condition causing inflammation of his trachea and bronchi. If he shares space with another dog, his housemate isn't at risk for this type of bronchitis. Acute bronchitis usually is caused by infectious agents, such as bacteria or viruses, and often referred to as kennel cough. Sometimes allergens or other environmental irritants can cause this type of bronchitis. Usually, it can be treated with help from the vet. Chronic bronchitis typically isn't curable, but the vet may prescribe a cough suppressant or corticosteroid to reduce the inflammation in Buddy's airways to give him some relief.