Is Dog Coat Conditioner Safe for Cats?

Choose grooming products based on your pet's specific need, then follow the directions for use.
Duncan Smith/Photodisc/Getty Images

Before reaching for your dog's spray-on conditioner to tackle the mats in your kitty's fur, read the bottle's directions thoroughly. Some shampoos and conditioners are labeled for use on either dogs or cats, but not all grooming products are interchangeable. Skin-care needs, self-grooming habits and product tolerance levels vary between dogs and cats -- significantly, in some cases.

Determine The Need

A spray-on flea repellent labeled specifically for use on cats might claim to make your cat's fur softer or shinier. If your goal is to protect your cat from fleas, repellent with bonus features might be best. If you just want a soft, shiny coat, choose products designed to achieve that outcome.

Read the Label

For your pet's health and your peace of mind, read the fine print on grooming products before using them. Make sure they're approved for use on cats. Follow application directions. Adhere to the guidelines for age, weight and medical conditions.


Be careful with grooming products near your cat's eyes, ears and genitalia to avoid irritating these sensitive areas. Never apply any product to your cat's fur or skin if it is labeled for dogs only. Check with your veterinarian before using grooming products like conditioner on your cat if she has a chronic skin condition.