What Dog Food Fills Up a Dog With Less Food?

Make sure you know the ingredients in the commercial dog food you're serving.
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Certain types of dog food can make your dog full faster. This all depends on the quality of food you're serving. Since cheap commercial dog foods with tons of fillers and byproducts have less nutrition, your dog eats much more food to try to fill up. Diets with more nutrition, such as high-quality commercial dog foods, raw foods or homemade meals, will allow your dog to eat much less food and be fuller, happier and healthier.

Commercial Dog Food

Your dog can get many more nutrients in much smaller portions if you buy the correct commercial food. Don't choose foods with generic proteins such as "animal fat" or "meat meal." Rather, choose a product that says a specific meat, such as "chicken protein" or "beef fat." Choose dog foods that have human-grade ingredients and find one that has a whole meat as one of its first two ingredients. It shouldn't be dominated by fillers like grains and corn-gluten meal.

Homemade Food

If you have the time, a perfect way to make sure your dog is getting proper nutrition is by preparing his or her meals yourself. Homemade meals for dogs are often meaty stews or meat and vegetable pies. Make sure the meal you prepare is protein packed and not loaded with carbs. Dogs don't benefit from carbohydrates, so including a lot of carbs will leave your dog craving more nutrition and eating more food. Variety is necessary when cooking homemade dog food, so prepare yourself with a number of recipes before you start.

Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet is another way to make sure your dog gets the proper nutrients to keep him full longer. Raw food diets are meant to re-create the dog's natural diet as if he was in the wild. The meats are combined with produce and some other raw foods like eggs and seeds to ensure the dog gets proper nutrition. If you feed your dog properly on the raw food diet and ensure that he gets the correct calorie intake each day, he will require much less food than he did with a poor commercial food.

Choosing Between the Three

All three of these choices will certainly curb your dog's appetite by giving him more nutrition and digestible proteins that will keep him full longer. You need to decide which diet fits your dog's needs and your lifestyle. Cooking homemade foods and shopping for a variety of raw foods can be much more time-consuming than walking down the dog food aisle and choosing a bag. Just make sure, if you choose the bag, that you read the ingredients and choose wisely.