Dog Names Associated With Lots of Spots

A good name captures the dog's and owner's personalities.
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

What could be more fun than getting a new dog? Naming him! A suitable moniker captures the essence of a dog's personality and says something about the owner's, too. It can also describe the dog's physical characteristics, especially his quirks. Fitting names for spotted dogs include synonyms for spotted, foreign translations and names of spotted animals.

Beyond Spot and Dot

Does your dog have lots of small spots? Try Freckles, Measles, Polka Dot, Spangled or Sprinkles. For a little dotted dog, think Fleck or Pip. Is your dog a spotted speed demon? Cheetah, Leopard or Appaloosa might fit him. Does your dog have larger spots? Perhaps Patches, Pinto or Smudge suits him. Is he poised and regal? Harlequin might capture his personality. Is he a little on the heavy side? How about Blotch, Blotter or Holstein? If he's a shaggy mixed-breed, Motley might describe him well. Is he a noisy barker? Consider Grackle. If you prefer human names, maybe Mark, Dotty or Pete, which is Romanian for "spot," fits him. For a more exotic-sounding name, try a foreign language translation. "Freckles" in German is "Sommersprossen" and in Portuguese is "Sardas." "Spot" in Dutch is "Punten" and in Spanish is "Manchas."