The Best Dog Toothbrush

His chompers won't stay so pearly white without a little brushing once in a while.
Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly helps prevent tartar buildup, which would otherwise lead to loss of teeth later on in life. While a little dental scrub-down is important, you have to use the right type of brush topped with special doggie toothpaste. You might have to try a couple different types to find the best one to use on your dog.

The Finger Toothbrush

The finger toothbrush is a little plastic cap with bristles that slips right over your finger. For some dogs, it’s a little less scary than a full-size brush. A finger toothbrush gives you greater control over exactly where the "bristles" reach and how much pressure you’re using.

Stick Toothbrush

If your dog plays with your hand while using the finger toothbrush, swap to a regular stick-type dog toothbrush instead. This kind of dental tool looks a lot like a human toothbrush, but the angle is backwards and the bristles are much softer so you don’t scrub off his enamel.

The Alternative

Some dogs just don’t like toothbrushes. You can try simply wrapping your finger with a piece of clean gauze. This way, your pooch won’t go running in the opposite direction when he sees that brush come out.