How to Get Dog Urine Out of Cotton Sheets & Down Comforters

Check for colorfastness before applying cleaning products.
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Getting dog urine out of bedding can be a tricky proposition. Not only is most bedding bulky, but it's something you use repeatedly, close to your body. A thorough cleaning is essential if you want to avoid throwing away your down comforter and cotton sheets altogether.

Check the Labels

Down comforters and high-quality cotton sheets can be pricey household items to replace, so read the manufacturer’s tag attached to the bedding for information on cleaning restrictions. Some down comforters, in particular, may require dry cleaning. While you can try to spot-clean it yourself, you may be happier with the results if you take it in for professional handling.


Assess the damage and identify the specific area of the sheets and the down comforter where urine is located. Blot as much of the wetness as you can with absorbent white paper towels. Pour enzymatic urine-removing cleaning fluid into a bowl and soak just the portion of the bedding that is stained. Follow the manufacturer's directions for how long to apply the substance. Rinse, dry, smell and repeat as necessary.


If your down comforter is washable, after your spot treatment and enzymatic cleaning, wash it on delicate cycle with a mild detergent in warm water. Line-dry it rather than put it in your dryer. Follow the same process for your cotton sheets. If your washing machine is not large enough, you may try a commercial-size washer at a local laundromat. It may take several washing cycles to eliminate the smell entirely.

Dry Outside

If you're able to dry your cotton sheets and comforter outside in the sun, doing so can be helpful in eliminating lingering orders. A fabric refreshing spray can take care of any chemical smell leftover from the spot-cleaning or dry-cleaning process. Line-drying will help reduce shrinkage, but you can anticipate a slight reduction in size due to the warm-water washing.

Future Protection

To protect against future soiling of your bedding, invest in a waterproof comforter cover. In the event your pup has an accident on your bed, you should be able to remove and wash the cover without doing permanent damage to your comforter. Another alternative is to keep your pup off your bed to avoid the potential for accidents occurring in the first place.