How to Get Your Dog to Use the Grass

With your help your dog can learn to use the grass. Images

Dog urine can do significant damage to a lush, green lawn. Over time, the nitrogen in urine can take a toll on the grass, leaving smelly, dead, brown patches that can ruin your lawn's aesthetic appeal. To avoid this, teach Sparky where you want him to go potty. Whether you want him to use a slab of sod indoors or a select area on the lawn outside, with consistency and patience you can have a well-trained dog in no time.

Step 1

Border a section of the lawn with string or posts to indicate that it's your pet companion's potty area. If you want to teach Sparky to use a patch of grass indoors, place a slab of sod in a litter box and place it in an easy-to-access area of the house.

Step 2

Put a marking post in the outdoor potty area to encourage Sparky to use it as a potty. Alternatively, put a stake in the ground. Use commercial pee posts treated with pheromones or pour some of your dog's urine on the post or stake to motivate him to use it. A marking post is especially effective with male dogs, because they prefer urinating on vertical objects.

Step 3

Observe your pet companion for signs indicating he has to go potty. Look for pacing, sniffing, whining or circling. When he does, bring him to the designated grassy potty area outside or inside. Use the same area each time your dog goes potty so he gets used to it.

Step 4

Say "go potty," and wait for him to do his business. Immediately afterward, give him with a treat and praise to motivate him to keep up the good work.

Step 5

Clap your hands when you catch Sparky going potty in an off-limits area. The startling sound will stop him in his tracks, upon which you can bring him to the patch of sod or to his outdoor potty. Over time your pet companion will start using the designated area.


  • As another option, use a slab of sod indoors, and after a week, plant it outside in a section of the yard where you want Sparky to go potty. The smell will encourage him to use the outdoor area. Over time, remove the indoor potty and have Sparky only use the outdoor potty.

  • Alternatively, you can buy an indoor litter box with turf and drainage to train your dog.

  • If your furry friend has an accident on an off-limits grassy area outside, pour water on it. This helps eliminate odors and dilutes grass-damaging nitrogen.

Items You Will Need

  • String or posts
  • Slabs of sod
  • Litter box
  • Marking post or stake
  • Dog treats