Doggie Shower Game Ideas

Hold the doggie shower in a backyard or dog park.
Kane Skennar/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Welcome your dog’s new litter into the world much like you would welcome a new baby — with a doggie shower. People adopting a new puppy can also throw a doggie shower for their pup. Invite your friends and family along with their dogs. Provide canine-inspired food such as bone-shaped cookies for the people and dog treats such as biscuits for the animals. Arrange doggie shower games that both the humans and dogs can participate in.


Most dogs enjoy a good game of Frisbee. Throw the Frisbee so the dogs chase after, retrieve it and bring it back to you. If you have a large number of dogs at your shower, toss two or more Frisbees at a time to keep the dogs from fighting each other over the toy. Turn a game of Frisbee into a game of Monkey-in-the-Middle. Two people toss the Frisbee to each other as the dogs try to steal it from them.

Weight Guess

If your new puppy or puppies attend the doggie shower, play the Weight Guess game. Before the party, weigh your puppy. During the shower as guests play with, pet and admire the new addition to your family, they make a guess about the animal’s weight. Write down everyone’s guess on a chart. At the end of the shower, reveal the canine’s actual weight and award a prize to the person whose guess was closest. Not only does this game keep your friends and family entertained, it ensures your pet gets lot of attention and learns how to socialize with strangers.

Match the Puppy

Ask guests to bring pictures of their dogs as puppies. Write the animal’s name on the back of the photo and then tack it to a bulletin board or wall. The object of Match the Puppy is to match the pictures of the puppies to the grown dogs. Encourage your guests to interact with all the dogs so they can get a good look at them. After people have had a couple of hours to play with the dogs, they must guess which puppy turned into which dog. If the dogs are different breeds, this game will be really easy. But it gives the dog owners a chance to show off their pets and ensures that all the dogs receive a lot of attention.

Obstacle Course

Create a doggie obstacle course for the dogs to run through. Construct jumps out of cardboard boxes and broom handles. Set up hula hoops for the animals to jump through. Create a tunnel out of large cardboard boxes such as refrigerator boxes. Decorate all the obstacles to look like a daredevil course. Owners can coax their pets through the obstacle course using treats. The dog that completes the course in the shortest time wins.