Dogs That Are Good for Asthma Sufferers

Urine-derived proteins and airborne saliva are a major source of pet allergens.
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There is positive news for asthma sufferers who adore dogs and wish to have one of their own. Breeds such as the bichon frise, poodle, Maltese and the Chinese crested are all considered to produce less allergens; making them ideal breeds for pet owners with asthma or allergies. Consulting a physician regarding your asthma condition before adopting a dog is recommended.

The Cotton Ball -- Bichon Frise

White, fluffy coats of curly coarse hair and a soft silky undercoat give the bichon frise the appearance and a soft to the touch feel of a fluffy cotton ball. Because they don't shed, bichon frise are considered a favorable option for asthma and allergy suffering pet parents. Bichon frise require regular grooming. Their playful, cheerful and gentle nature will be a valuable addition to many families.

Standard Poodle

Standard poodles come in a variety of solid colors including black, gray, white and apricot. Their hypoallergenic coat has a long hair-growth cycle, which limits shedding. The coat tends to be both lacking an undercoat and tightly curled, which keeps dead hair from detaching and floating in the air. It also retains a common source of allergens, dander. Standard poodles are active, smart and excel at obedient training. Due to their ongoing hair growth, they require regular grooming.

The Toy Maltese

Asthma sufferers may be surprised that this small, fearless, companion dog with long, silky white hair covering his body from head to toe is considered the ideal dog breed for them. Surprisingly, Maltese shed very little, though they require frequent grooming and daily brushing to keep their hair free from mats and knots. Maltese are affectionate, playful, gentle dogs that make excellent companion lap dogs. Although they are very kind, they are also lively and fearless, making them a strong fit for play time with children and an overall exceptional family dog.

Chinese Crested Hairless

Chinese crested hairless dogs are playful, alert and caring companions. They are gentle with children and are delightful dogs for the entire family. They only have hair on their feet, tail and head, which is long soft and silky. The remaining part of the body has smooth, soft, hairless skin. Due to their lack of hair, the Chinese crested hairless is suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers. The small amount of hair that they do have, grows long, but sheds very little and needs to be groomed on a regular basis.