Dogs & Juniper Berries

Juniper berries have many medicinal benefits for dogs.
Utah Juniper image by Carol Hyman from

Juniper berries are a bluish-green berry on the juniper bush. Dogs have a tendency to eat anything and there are concerns the berry can be poisonous. Eating the berries in abundance may not be a good choice, but they do have medicinal properties that are more of a benefit to the dog’s internal organs than a detriment to the animal's health..


Juniper berries can be beneficial for urinary tract health as an effective diuretic. It is believed the berries work to stimulate urine flow and the process of filtration. The oils have also been known to accelerate kidney filtration.

Expert Insight

Juniper berries can aid in dissolving kidney and bladder stones and other calcium deposits without subjecting your dog to anesthesia and surgery. It is a safe and effective approach to rid the stones rather quickly.



Some other benefits of juniper berries are in the treatment of tape worms, colic, urinary and gastrointestinal infections for humans and dogs. The oil also has disinfecting properties and can be applied directly to cuts and scrapes to help in healing, as well as rid bacterial and yeast infections.