Do Dogs Need More Water Than Humans When Walking in Hot Weather?

Avoid taking Fido for walks in the heat of the day.
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Pound for pound, dogs need more water than their human companions do in hot weather. Some breeds are more affected by heat, and thus may need more water, than other breeds.. Dark-haired dogs are more vulnerable to extreme heat than light-colored canines. Brachycephalic breeds -- those with short noses such as bulldogs and pugs -- don't do well in hot weather. If you're going for a walk when the temperatures are high, take water along for you and your best friend.

Water Consumption

Since dogs are more susceptible to overheating than people, they require more water relative to their size. Their methods of cooling off are far less efficient than humans. While you sweat to cool your insides in hot weather, your dog must pant. Canine bodies are designed for heat conservation, not for dissipation, so heat becomes a problem when temperatures soar. Dogs dehydrate much faster than human beings.

Hot Weather Dog Care

No matter what kind of dog you have, avoid taking walks in the heat of the day during the hottest time of year. Even short-haired dogs with long noses can easily suffer from heat stroke. Without shoes, your dog's paws come into contact with hot sidewalks or asphalt. Limit walks of any length to the early morning or evening hours. Your dog should always have access to fresh, cool water. If he's not indoors with you in an air-conditioned environment, make sure he has access to shade.