Do Dogs' Pads Feel Temperature?

Dog paw pads are made of thick skin, but heat still effects them.
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The thick pads on your dog's feet are designed to protect him on rough surfaces, but this doesn't mean they are made to withstand every situation. Extreme temperatures can cause pain and serious damage.


Although his paws are not as sensitive as your hands, your dog can feel cold and heat through the pads on his paws. Heat is especially dangerous, since the pads can actually burn if they come in contact with surfaces that are too hot. Asphalt, concrete and sand can reach temperatures that are uncomfortable for your dog to stand on. Frigid temperatures, and snow and ice, can lead to frostbite, even on the paw pads. Some dogs are more sensitive to heat than others. For example, a dog who lives mainly indoors may find a sidewalk too hot on an early summer day, while a dog who has spent a lot of time on rough outdoor surfaces all year may not mind immoderate warmth on his paw pads. You can protect your dog's paw pads from damage by putting on protective booties made especially for dogs.