What to Get for Your Dog's Play Kennel

Authorities agree that kennels don't make suitable or healthy permanent living quarters for dogs, but for brief sessions, they're great, allowing pets to run around, play and get some good, old-fashioned physical fitness. When you're getting your dog's play kennel ready for use, focus not only on his fun but also on his comfort.

Variety of Toys

Toys are vital for a canine play kennel. You can put any oldie-but-goodie toys in the kennel, but you definitely want to get your dog some new, exciting and interactive ones, too, particularly when he's new to his kennel. Chew toys made out of rubber are a good place to start. Other suitable toys for kennels are tennis balls, stuffed animals, puzzles and items that include yummy hidden treats. To keep your dog enthusiastic about all of the toy offerings in his kennel, switch them out on a regular basis. This will prevent boredom. If he has 10 toys in total, try placing about three of them in his kennel at a time. Always avoid any toys that have tiny components your pet can ingest. Note that some larger doggie play kennels are pretty sophisticated, with built-in activities such as climbing walls and even tunnels.

A Place to Chill

Give the dog some sort of pallet. You can purchase a canine bed, or you can simply make a bedding spot out of a soft towel or blanket, as long as your pet doesn't have a habit of tearing smooth things to shreds. Canine pillows can be a good idea, too. If your pet is particularly attached to one of the members of your household, consider placing that person's previously worn soft clothing in the kennel. If the scent of the clothing reminds your dog of the person, it could calm him when he's all by himself. If your dog is still a puppy in the middle of the house-training process, he might eliminate on the blankets, towels or clothing, so make sure you use things that are simple to wash.

Fresh Water Every Time

Make sure your dog's play kennel always has clean water in a bowl. If you're concerned about him tipping it over, opt for a bowl that has sloping sides. Change the water every time you bring the dog out.

Yummy Treats

If you're in the process of teaching your cutie to be relaxed with the kennel, invest in a few of his yummiest dog treats. If he links the concept of the kennel with his favorite chicken treats, it might help him get used to it faster. The goal is to get your dog to like exercising and playing in the kennel, whether through toys, bedding or his taste buds. Make it a positive place for him, and he'll wag his way inside every time.