Why Dogs Should Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages

Your dog should never join in with a drink of his own.
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Dogs are not always discriminating about the foods and liquids they ingest -- they eat table scraps, drink from puddles and even sip alcohol if permitted. You should never allow your dog to drink alcoholic beverages, though, not even low-alcohol beers or mixed drinks. If you do, he could suffer a fatal reaction.

Effects of Alcohol

Dogs are significantly more sensitive to the poisonous effects of alcohol than humans are. A human may be able to drink a certain amount of alcohol before feeling its effects or suffering from alcohol poisoning, but a dog cannot. If a dog drinks alcohol and becomes intoxicated, he can suffer from problems like vomiting, dehydration, cardiac arrest, labored breathing, coma and seizures. If your dog has consumed alcohol and is showing signs of inebriation, contact your veterinarian for advice and monitor his condition according to the vet's instructions.