Does a Dog's Stool Turn the Color of His Food?

Stool color, along with shape, size, consistency and content will tell you a lot about Pal's health
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You know you love your dog when you've become interested in the color of his poop. Don't be embarrassed by your interest in Pal's poo; it indicates a great deal about his health. As a good parent, it's wise to keep an eye on what you're picking up after he's finished his business.

Stool Color Counts

Pal's diet has everything to do with what comes out the other end, including the color of his stool. If you feed him a food containing artificial dyes, it may reflect in his poop. If his poop matches his food, and the food isn't a chocolate-brown color, consider gradually switching his diet to a food that doesn't contain artificial coloring. Healthy dog stool should be a brown color; if it's bright red or streaked with red, it signals the potential presence of blood. A tarry black stool indicates bleeding in his gastrointestinal tract. A very light color, such as tan, can indicate liver problems. If you've noticed ongoing changes in your pup's poo, talk to your vet.