Why Do Dogs Suddenly Eat Plants or Grass?

Grass blades can help nauseous dogs puke.
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Most of the time, dogs eat grass as a natural anti-nausea medicine. The grass helps them vomit, which makes them feel better. There are other reasons dogs could suddenly start munching on grass. Observe your pooch's behavior to gain understanding into what may be prompting this strange snack.

Tummy Troubles

When a dog feels nauseous or even gassy, he turns to grass to feel better. As a dog gulps down grass, the rough blades tickle his throats and stomach linings. This can prompt him to vomit, which makes Fido feel better. While this is a common reason dogs suddenly start eating grass, it isn't the only one.

Symptoms of Nausea

Signs of nausea include rumbling and gurgling tummies and restlessness. Your dog may appear to be licking or swallowing air and extending his neck. Dogs who are nauseous often gulp down grass without seeming to chew it. If your dog is chewing grass and does not seem agitated, he's probably not eating the grass out of nausea.

Nutritional Needs

Some dogs enjoy eating grass to get that roughage into their diet, and will happily chew the grass without puking it back up. Grass does contain nutrients, so dogs with diet deficiencies may seek it out naturally to incorporate balance into their diets. Consider supplementing your pup's diet with leafy greens if Fido eats grass periodically without throwing it up.

Omnivorous Opportunists

Dogs historically are omnivores, creating a diet out of whatever is available to them. When Fido's in the backyard, chances are that grass and plants are what's around. If he's hungry, he may start munching just as you might start snacking between meals. This can seem sudden to owners. Again, if Fido chews grass and does not appear restless or urgent, he may simply be enjoying a snack and not suffering from gas or nausea.