An Easy Way to Prevent Dogs From Going Upstairs

The upstairs may seem like an unexplored haven of fun to your pooch.
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Your pooch may be your best friend, but that doesn't mean she gets to go all the places you do in your home. Stairs can sometimes seem like a barricade challenge, but they're really no different from any other area in your house. Whether you want her to stay downstairs for her safety or for the safety of your belongings, you have a few choices as to how to keep her at bay.

Step 1

Begin by training your pup not to go upstairs. To start training, you'll need to be consistent. If your pooch starts to head up the stairs, shout out a firm "no!" and redirect your dog down the stairs. Take her to another room and give her a chew toy or a favorite treat.

Step 2

Take her downstairs when you find her upstairs by picking her up or taking her by the collar. While redirecting her downstairs, say "downstairs" in a firm, loud voice. Always repeat the firm "downstairs!" when you are redirecting her. After a short time, your pooch will realize what you're talking about if she hears you say that word.

Step 3

Install a baby gate or pet gate at the base of the stairs to provide an easily removable barricade. Many dogs don't enjoy the hassle of a gate and will respect it as a barrier that shouldn't be crossed. Some gates are designed for permanent placement and have hinges so you can swing them open like a door. Others are pressure-mounted and won't harm your stair railings or walls.

Step 4

Crate your pooch while you're not at home. Crate training is an ideal way to keep your pup out of trouble while also giving her a safe place to rest and relax while you're away.


  • Another option is to install indoor hidden fencing or to use repellents, although training your pup is the best, most effective and longest-lasting method. Using a gate is ideal, especially if there are instances where your dog is allowed to go upstairs with you.

Items You Will Need

  • Treats
  • Baby gate or pet gate
  • Dog crate