Easy Ways to Give Dogs Pills

Medicating doesn't have to be a struggle.
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When your buddy is sick, the last thing he wants to do is down bitter-tasting medication. He has no idea the pill you're trying to administer will help him feel better, and he just won’t cooperate. Know the right tricks to try and you'll find one that makes the process quicker and easier.

Proper Pilling Technique

If your buddy isn’t of the stubborn variety, you should be able to give him a pill the traditional canine way. Simply tilt his head back with one hand and open his lower jaw with the other. Then drop the pill as far back on his tongue as possible, close his mouth and gently blow on his nose to induce swallowing. Have your veterinarian or vet tech demonstrate with the first dose in order to see the process in action.

The Hiding Method

Stubborn pups do well with the hide-and-feed trick. Use a bit of canned food to make a “meatball” with the pill well hidden inside, and offer it to him as a treat. Many dogs will readily gulp it down whole, no problem. If yours resists, try hiding the pill in a soft Greenies Pill Pocket. These gummy little pouches surround the pill and mask its taste with dog-approved flavors like chicken, peanut butter and beef.