The Effects of Hair Mats on Dogs

Many dog shampoos can help to control matting.
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Matted hair on dogs isn't only unpleasant visually, it also can lead to an assortment of unpleasant effects, many of which are related to health. Pooches feel and look good when they receive regular brushing sessions. Frequent coat maintenance can keep pesky and persistent hair matting far away.

About Matting

Matting is to canines what tangling is to humans -- an unsightly nuisance. Although matting is a possibility in most dog breeds, it is particularly common in those with lengthier, dense and flowing coats. Dogs, just by going about their normal routines, can develop wee knots in their fur, all of which can form clumps and even trap in dirt and random hairs. Although a little matting from time to time is usually innocuous, severe matting can be an extreme hazard to pets.

Tugging on the Skin

Tugging is a problematic effect that frequently arises from canine hair matting. When these knots grow larger, they grab onto hairs that emerge from increasingly distant parts of dogs' coats. This leads to tugging of the skin, which is uber-painful for canines. Dogs have fragile skin, after all. The nonstop tugging not only hurts pets, it sometimes triggers irritation and even open sores. Dampness of the coat also intensifies the tension of the knots, which means even more painful moments.

Bodily Fluids

Another disagreeable effect of hair matting in dogs involves bodily fluids. Hair mats are capable of seizing urine, stool matter, tears and the like. When these substances become part of mats, they remain snug against dogs' skin -- a recipe for skin infection. Ignoring this can bring upon a variety of consequences, from discoloration to extreme thickening of the skin.

Hair Matting is Costly

Proper maintenance of dogs' coats -- from brushing and combing to clipping -- is beneficial for the comfort and well-being of pets, and also sometimes for their owners' finances. Hair matting, particularly in severe circumstances, frequently can be a costly situation. If people put off grooming their pets all of the time, they often eventually have no choice but to turn to professionals to fix the messy dilemma. Eliminating serious matting problems can result in lots of extra time spent in doggie grooming salons -- and unhappy pocketbooks to boot.