Egg Protein Powder in Pet Food

Dogs often succeed on feeding plans centered around meat.
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Egg protein is a common source of protein in commercially produced dog foods. Other oft-seen forms of protein in canine fare include fresh meat and dairy. Protein is vital for dogs for many reasons, from keeping their immune systems in proper order to offering energy.

Essential Amino Acids and Egg Protein

The addition of egg protein powder to pet food can be highly beneficial. It makes a strong source of essential amino acids, which can encourage muscle mass and development in canines. Egg protein is a particularly high grade of protein for canine diets, according to the American Shih Tzu Club. This is because of its digestibility and essential amino acid content. Egg protein is better than many meats and plant proteins in these respects. Plant proteins are extracted by eliminating elements of starch from various vegetables and grains.

Egg Protein and Digestibility

Digestibility is a major plus for egg proteins in plant food. Dogs are capable of digesting, for the most part, any and all protein from an egg, says the author of "Canine Cuisine," Carlotta Cooper. Many other forms of protein are nowhere near as digestible as egg protein, such as the aforementioned plant proteins. Animal proteins, including egg, are overall easier for dogs to digest than plant proteins, which contain fewer amino acids. If you have any questions about protein and digestibility in your pet's specific diet, consult your veterinarian regarding the matter. The vet can help you understand the labeling of your dog's commercial food.

Other Proteins and Digestibility

Egg protein isn't the only protein that dogs can digest well. Dogs also do well in digesting muscle meats. Some examples of good muscle meats for canine digestion purposes include fish, poultry and beef. Bison meat, which is often seen as an ingredient in dog food, also makes for smooth sailing for pooches, digestion-wise. Digestibility is extremely important. When dogs consume protein with low digestibility, it can bring upon adverse effects to their overall health and well-being.

Egg Protein and Allergies

While egg protein can be wonderful for many dogs, it can also bring upon allergies in others. When dogs develop protein allergies, it's often because they've been consuming the proteins for significant stretches of time, according to "Pet Talk" of Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Dogs commonly develop allergies to egg protein, chicken and beef. If your poor pooch shows symptoms of extreme itchiness, with persistent scratching, then he just might have an egg protein allergy -- or any other kind of food allergy. Take your pet to the veterinarian to find out exactly what's causing his pesky symptoms.