Are English Bulldogs Good Apartment Dogs?

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Selecting the right dog for your household and lifestyle involves a lot of careful considerations. While you might think a pooch of a certain breed is adorable, he might need a lot more space than you have available in your urban apartment. English bulldogs, however, generally do wonderfully with apartment life.

Good Apartment Dogs

English bulldogs can flourish living in apartments, according to Phil Maggitti, author of "Bulldogs." They don't need to live in spacious residences, although they do well in those, too. English bulldogs' exercise requirements aren't as high as those of many bigger breed dogs. They also don't call for as much space to roam around as many other canines do.

Exercise Needs

If you keep an English bulldog in an apartment, make sure he gets sufficient exercise every day. Maggitti recommends that English bulldogs living in apartments go on walks of 10 to 15 minutes each day. It's important that they go on these walks a minimum of once per day, too. This also applies to English bulldogs in residences that lack yards. English bulldogs across the board do well with regular daily physical activity, regardless of their housing accommodations. It's crucial to remember, however, that these dogs as a breed do not respond well to heat and muggy conditions. Always take the weather into consideration before exercising your pet. It's also important to note that English bulldogs aren't able to walk, run or jog for lengthy stretches. Brief strolls are optimal for them. Monitored outdoor play sessions are also beneficial for them. Aim to provide an English bulldog with roughly three outdoor play sessions weekly.

Mature English Bulldog Size

Before bringing an English bulldog into your apartment, visualize the typical size of dogs from this breed. English bulldogs are mid-sized canines, not too big and not too small. They have extremely sturdy and dense physiques. Mature English bulldogs of both genders typically grow to heights of 12 to 15 inches. While male and female English bulldogs usually have similar heights, the males are generally heavier. Adult male English bulldogs typically weigh around 50 pounds; adult females typically weigh around 40 pounds.

Relaxation and English Bulldogs

Dogs of some breeds are lively and energetic, barely giving their owners a second of rest. English bulldogs are far from that category, however. If you live in an apartment, you might notice that your pet is perfectly content relaxing on your lap as you watch television on the sofa. He might even revel in a nap on your bed alongside you as you indulge in another chapter of a good book. Don't get so wrapped up in your reading that you forget about your pal's exercise needs, however. Talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions about English bulldogs' exercise needs.