Environmentally Friendly Dog Shampoo

Environmentally friendly shampoos will clean your pup no matter what he gets into.
Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

You've made the switch to a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle for you, but what about your pooch? After demand from consumers and conscious pet owners, pet supply manufacturers now offer many green alternatives to the standard pet supplies that have been on the market for years. Environmentally friendly dog shampoos are available at pet-supply stores, health stores and online retailers, making it easier than ever to get your pooch on the green wagon.


If you're already thinking on the green side of things, you've probably noticed that most pooch supplies are not environmentally friendly in the least. Most commercial foods contain slaughterhouse waste, toys and supplies are made from virgin materials and shampoos are filled with synthetic chemicals. Many manufacturer's are starting to offer environmentally friendly alternatives, however, which makes it easy to have a "green" dog. Environmentally friendly dog shampoos contain natural ingredients that break down and won't cause damage to sensitive water supplies and the soil.

What's In Them?

Forget the stuff you can't pronounce on most dog shampoo labels, these suds consist of ingredients you'd find in organic spas. Many environmentally friendly dog shampoos have base ingredients that include water, jojoba oil, oatmeal, coconut oil, aloe vera and herbs. If you purchase green shampoos and soaps for yourself, you'll notice many of the ingredients are the same as what's in natural, green dog shampoos.

What to Look For

Like other dog shampoos, you want a few specific features in an environmentally friendly shampoo. After all, you still want the shampoo to clean your pup's fur and soothe his skin. Find the shampoo that suits your pooch's skin type and has other benefits that you need. For example, many organic or green shampoos will be for either oily, normal or dry skin. Just like when shopping for yourself, you don't want to get a shampoo for oily skin if your pooch is having issues with dryness and flakes. Many of these green shampoos also have flea and tick repellents added. Common flea- and tick-fighting ingredients include natural oils from citrus, citronella and eucalyptus.


The benefits are almost endless when switching to quality green products, even when they're for your dog. You can feel better knowing you're not adding to the pollution of waterways, your home will be free and clear of the chemicals in standard products, and your pooch will have a naturally healthy coat. Not to mention your pup will smell better.