Enzyme to Break Down Dog Waste

Dispose of dog waste underground using special enzymes.
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Dog waste disposal systems are like septic systems, allowing you to deposit waste in submerged containers that convert the dog waste to composted material and drain off liquids into the ground. Specially formulated enzymes in the container break down dog excrement.

The Enzymes

You can use a commercial product formulated especially for pet waste or you can pick up enzymes formulated for household septic systems in a hardware store. The two major enzymes important to breaking down pet waste are lipase, which breaks down fats, oil and grease, and protease for proteins. Other enzymes are cellulase, which breaks down vegetable matter, and amylase, effective on starches.


Pet waste disposal systems will not work in areas with clay, solid rock or other non-draining soils. Keep disposal systems a minimum of 300 feet from water sources, including wells, streams and seasonal arroyos. This compost is not for use on edible plants or garden vegetables but is perfectly safe to use on ornamental shrubs, trees and lawns.