What to Feed a Nursing Mother Dog

Mama will eat more while she's nursing these.
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Nursing canines need extra nutrition and energy to make sure they produce can capably deliver offspring and provide enough milk for two months of growth. Your veterinarian knows best what to feed your individual pet, given her unique health and reproductive background. In general, your dog needs more food with higher energy content.

Healthy Dog Food

The ASPCA says nursing dog moms will need extra nutrients to properly care for the litter. The organization recommends a high-quality commercial dog food, either wet or dry, specifically formulated for dogs with high-energy needs. A puppy food fine, as do some adult foods marketed for active dogs. It is possible to create a homemade diet for a nursing dog, but the ASPCA recommends doing this only with the advice of a vet to ensure the correct balance of vitamins and minerals is met.

Plentiful Portion Sizes

Many nursing moms are "free fed," which means dry food is left out at all times for her, allowing her to eat as much as she pleases. You can adjust such an arrangement while the puppies are weaning to ensure mom doesn't overfeed and does not feel deprived when she goes back to a regular feeding schedule. At all times, mom and pups should have access to water.