When Does a Female Dog Stop Bleeding After She Delivers?

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When a dog gives birth, she may have to deal with additional physical consequences for days, weeks or even months afterward. It's normal for your dog to bleed intermittently after giving birth -- in fact, for several weeks she may leak natural fluids that look like blood. If at any point you become concerned about her bleeding or leaking, let your vet rule out medical complications.

Blood and Discharge

After the delivery, your dog may leak fluids and discharge for several weeks. This discharge is called lochia, and its color may be a shade of red. Lochia should be odorless -- if it has an unpleasant smell, contact your vet, as an odor indicates infection. Otherwise, general intermittent bleeding around the vulva may continue for weeks or, in some cases, months. If you notice that your dog is actually still bleeding a few days after birth, contact your vet. While it may be normal, you need to rule out complications like postpartum hemorrhage, which can result from poor blood clotting.


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