How to Fix Chicken & Rice for a Dog in a Crock Pot

by Dave Donovan

Feeding a dog a bland dish of chicken and rice helps soothe his tummy.

Dogs with sensitive stomachs or those suffering from an illness can sometimes get diarrhea or constipation from store-bought wet or dry dog food. In some of these cases, a veterinarian might suggest feeding your four-footed patient a mild, unseasoned dish of chicken and rice so he can get the nutrition he needs without it upsetting his tummy. By making this dish in a crock pot, you can put it on in the morning so it's ready for your best friend to enjoy when you get home from work. Here's a vitamin-packed, hearty and homemade recipe your dog will love.


Step 1

Prep your vegetables by chopping the green beans into smaller segments, slicing the carrots into one-inch round pieces and cutting the sweet potato into small chunks. Keeping the vegetables uniform in size will help ensure that they cook evenly and by making them small, they will be easier for your dog to eat.

Step 2

Add the rice and water to the crock pot followed by the vegetables and then the chicken. Layer the ingredients in, but do not stir.

Step 3

Plug the crock pot in and set it on its lowest setting for an eight-hour cooking time or on high for a five-hour turn around.

Step 4

Open the lid carefully (there will be steam!) and break up the chicken into small pieces. Stir the mixture together and turn off the crock pot.

Step 5

Let the chicken and rice cool before serving it to your pet. If your vet advises, this meal can be mixed with your dog's regular kibble.

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