Floxin Otic for Dogs

Dog's with long hair and flop ears are more susceptible to ear infections.
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Floxin Otic is the brand name for generic Ofloxacin Otic drops. These eardrops are a fluoroquinolone antibiotic for use in treating bacterial ear infections in dogs. This antibiotic is the most often prescribed treatment for dog's with ear infections. If you notice ear infection symptoms, take your dog to the vet immediately, as untreated ear infections can become severe enough to render your pooch deaf.

Ear Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of a dog with an ear infection include excessive wax or discharge from the ears that is often smelly. The earflap as well as the ear canal swells, reddens and in severe cases, the ear canal may swell closed. Your pet will scratch his ears often due to excessive itching and shake his head to try to get comfort from the ear infection.

Trip to the Vet

If you notice ear infection symptoms in your dog, make an appointment with your veterinarian immediately. The same symptoms also indicate a fungal infection, mange or ear mites. The medication for these diagnoses is not the same as for a bacterial ear infection. Your vet will make a clear determination by taking a sample of the discharge from your pet's ears.

Administering Floxin Otic

Floxin Otic is a liquid that is administered with a sterile dropper. Your vet will demonstrate the exact procedure for you to learn how to put the drops in your dog's ears and instruct you on how many drops per ear and how often. It is important to remain calm when treating dog ears so your furry friend stays relaxed. You may need a helper to hold him still for the first few doses, until he realizes that you are helping him and not trying to hurt him. It is important not to touch the dropper to his ear to keep it sterile and resist increasing the infection.

Drug Precautions

Never use Floxin Otic in a dog's eyes. This drug is specifically made for the ears. If you suspect an eye infection, a trip to the vet is necessary to obtain an ophthalmic solution for eye infections. Do not insert the dropper deep into your dog's ears, but follow your vet's exact procedure for administration of drops. Inserting a dropper too deep can cause permanent damage to the eardrum. If the ear infection isn't better after one week of treatment, consult your vet.