Foggers for Fleas

Your dog or cat can bring fleas into the house.
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Chances are if your dog or cat has fleas, your house does too. Fleas bite humans as well as animals, and they cause skin irritations. They multiply rapidly and are resistant to cold, so eliminating them can prove difficult once they're in the house; you can do so with a flea fogger, however. Foggers contain insecticide that kills fleas in all life stages. Before you apply a fogger, take proper precautions and prepare your house.

What is Flea Fogger?

Foggers contain highly effective chemicals containing an insect growth regulator that kills all life stages of the flea, from larvae to adult. A fogger permeates everything in the house — carpets, furniture, crevices and walls. A fogger differs from an aerosol spray in that it reaches everything in the house, which a spray may not. Many foggers use an effective growth regulator called methoprene.

How to Use Foggers

Prior to use, vacuum carpets, furniture and bedding. Cover plants and fish tanks, and remove everything from counters. Close all windows. Place a can of fogger on a plastic bag or newspaper in the center of each room you plan to treat, which will protect the floor. Release the fogger, and leave the house for four to five hours with your pets. Read warnings on the can carefully, and follow the directions for use.

Flea foggers contain poison, so you must clean anything the vapor reaches. After using a fogger, wash all bedding in hot water, including pet bedding, and vacuum all carpets. Clean all counters. Arrange for your pet to be treated at the vet for flea removal so it does not bring fleas back into the house. Ask the vet for a pet flea repellent to avoid reinfestation.

Fogger Advantages

Your dog will need a flea bath when you treat the house.
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A fogger is a more convenient and efficient way to kill the fleas in your house than many other methods. Foggers stop the flea breeding cycle and prevent eggs from hatching. Some methods only kill adult fleas. Foggers treat approximately 700 square feet per bomb and remain effective for several months following treatment.

Disadvantages and Cautions

Foggers are extremely toxic. They contain ingredients poisonous to humans and pets. Take care during and after use. They are also more expensive than other flea removal methods. The vapor may not reach corners or isolated spots in the house, which will require spraying with an aerosol to ensure flea eradication. The vapor may damage some furniture. Foggers are extremely flammable; extinguish any pilot lights before leaving the house. Use foggers carefully around children; after treating your house, thoroughly wash everything children may touch.